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Local Farm – Cornwall, CT

Cheryl and I were taking a drive through Litchfield County in CT which is known for it’s rolling hills and country landscapes. We happened by a farm named “Local Farm” where we took the two photo’s shown above.

This is an interesting place. It used to be a raw milk dairy. Now they hold workshops on the proper care of cows. Read more about “Local Farm” here.

This farm was loated on a side street, which sees almost no traffic, in the beautiful countryside of Cornwall.  If you want to lower your blood pressure a ride through Litchfield County usually works, especially in the fall.

  1. Found you while searching historical information on Shelton…You have some very nice work! Very interesting to see your different perspective on shots I have also taken. I too am retired and shooting landscapes in Connecticut, perhaps we will cross paths one day.

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your kind remarks! Next time I’m in Shelton photographing and there is a guy next to me with a camera, who looks like he could be retired, I just might say “is that you Bob”? Keep shooting and enjoy!

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