About Me

I’m a married middle aged man. I have two children.  One in her late 20’s and the other in her early 30’s. I also have two granddaughters.  I’ve lived in Central CT all of my life.  I’m a full time field sales rep.

I owned a successful part time photography business, (primarily weddings),  for several years before retiring from all professional work back in 2006.  I didn’t touch a camera again until 2011 when the passion returned.

I’m somewhat fascinated by both abandoned buildings and aging barns. In particular I have taken countless photographs, (many of which I have not downloaded to the blog yet), of both.

These images have been photographed with either a  Sony Nex-7, 24.3 mp. digital camera,  a Fuji finepix 100fd pocket camera, a Nikon D7100 DSLR or my Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone camera.  I own a variety of lenses for the Sony and Nikon from wide angle to telephoto and many in between.  I recently acquired a Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphone and a DJI Maverick Pro Platinum drone.  I’ve yet to use the Maverick but look forward to learning it.

I also want to make 2018 the year of video.  I’m a complete neophyte in that arena and welcome a chance to learn something new. I will start with my cell phone just to see if the interest stays with me.  In addition I have purchased, (for a mere $20.00), VSDC Pro video editor software.  I’m currently in the throes of learning learning video editing and have a long way to go.

Every time I square up a picture in a camera and take time to appreciate the beauty around us I can’t help but appreciate that I’m here and a part of it.

Thank you for visiting my site and your comments are always welcome!