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Abandoned Cow Farm – Roxbury, CT

I visited Roxbury, CT for the purposes of photographing an iconic barn with an American flag painted on the side (which I did).  However, while there I noticed this old abandoned cow farm.

I’ve worked as an on the road salesman in CT for over 30 years and I don’t ever remember going to Roxbury, CT.  This is certainly an out of the way, hidden gem, in the rolling hills of Litchfield, CT.  I’m sure they have a “downtown” somewhere but I didn’t happen upon it.  All I saw was farms and sprawling estates.

Because of it’s reclusive nature this part of the world has been home to a number of famous people at one time or another, (according to Wikipeia), such as:

Roxbury has a rich history of farms, quarries and mines. I no longer have the desire to trek 3.5 miles, (& back), on a quiet path in the middle of the woods but had I been younger I would have.  So because I didn’t visit this old abandoned mine in town you might enjoy this link: ABANDONED MINES in ROXBURY, CT.


Photograph taken with Nikon D7100 DSLR.










  1. John Zyrlis says:

    Actually this place is in Southbury, CT. All a part of the Southbury Training School. The school property itself is over 600 acres. Within the school there are numerous buildings that are abandoned. I’ve gotten some great pictures both inside and outside of many of the school boarding rooms. The barn photo you posted is also great and you can drive up to it and walk around.

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