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Abandoned Building – Stratford, CT

While working as a salesman in Stratford, CT I observed this abandoned building. Research has determined that this is the old Ross and Roberts Manufacturing plant which had closed their doors for good, in early 2008 due to increased taxation and operating costs. Best I can determine they manufactured:  Fabric,Laminating & Bonding (Mfrs), Coated & Laminated Paper NEC (Mfrs), Plastics-Products-Retail.

This building occupies the space between the redemption center and a Dunkin Donuts on 1299 West Broad St. The area was posted “private property” so I did not choose to venture off the roadway. The remnants of a rather large foundation are evidence that a good sized building sat adjacent at one point.  I was talking to a mailman who happened by why I was here.  He remarked that the reason the entire building was not demolished was due to taxes.  He said rumor had it that the owners were charged more taxes after one of the main buildings was torn down than when it stood.  As a result they refused to demolish the last remaining building as they are taxed less than if they took it down.

  1. John says:

    Great set. The place looks like one of small factories in Chernobyl

  2. Ty says:

    Did you ever figure out what this building was? I’ve driven by it quite a few times and can’t seem to figure out what it used to be.

    • Hi Ty,

      Thank you for your question. Unfortunately I have not been able to determine what business was in this abandoned building. This particular photograph does seem to generate interest. If I can get an answer I’ll post it.

    • Hi Ty,

      As a result of your question I did a little more research. I was able to determine that this building belonged to Ross and Roberts Mfg. which closed approx. in early 2008. They were a plastics manufacturer. Supposedly the high costs of operating this facility forced them to shut down.

  3. here it is!

    • Hi Zach,

      Thank you for your reply. I assume those are pic’s from the inside of the abandoned plant in Stratford. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. I don’t post links because I can’t be responsible for the content on a link as it may change over time.

    • Sheryl Boccuzzi says:

      My Dad worked here for 20 years. He was their chief electrician. He left in 1969. He used to talk about the swamp rats that he saw at the plant. He died of emphysema in 1992.
      Also, my grandfather was a security guard there.

      • Sorry for the loss of your father Sheryl. I wonder if the factory brought on the emphysema. Other people have written in mentioning health problems as a result of working there. I don’t know where OSHA was in those days, you have to wonder. Appreciate your comments, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Todd says:

    I worked there for a couple years in the early 90s. I was a Maintenance mechanic during that time. R&R manufactured Vinyl that was produced in rolls, it was used for just about everything sheet vinyl is used for including car and boat seats. Working at this place was like working in a 3rd world country, very dangerous and there were chemicals EVERYWHERE. The Hands down the worst and dangerous job I have ever had. I can probably answer a lot of questions if needed

    • Hi Todd,

      Thank you for your reply. Interesting that you actually worked there and also found it to be highly dangerous. Probably a good thing that the doors are closed for good.


      • Phyllis says:

        I worked at R&R and left around 1973. I worked in the office. I was now feeling nostalgic about it being the best job I ever had and came online to research it, never knew back then how dangerously toxic the place was at the time. Now I don’t feel bad for quitting. I bought some of the vinyl sheets at a discount for personal use.

  5. Ray Willis says:

    The memories I started working at R&R in 1963 retired early in 1984 ,,I was a production Supervisor that was probobly one of the eeriest factories I have ever been in . yes they manufactured sheet vinyl and yes it was a dangerous place to work out of the 300 employees back then I would bet there are but a handful still alive

    • Hi Ray – What a shame that so many lives were possibly affected by the conditions. Whatever happened to government safeguards, EPA, etc.?
      I’m glad you’re one of those still kicking. Thanks for stopping by. I wish you well Sir. Jay

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